18V Rechargeable Battery and Charger

Makita 18V Battery BL1860 (6.0Ah), BL1850 (5.0Ah), BL1830 (3.0Ah), BL1815N (1.5Ah) and Chargers DC18RC and DC18SE



Makita BL1850 and BL1860 - Same weight as 18V 3.0Ah batteries - Compatible with existing Li-ion 18V tools and chargers - Compatible with over 110+ products within the Makita 18V portfolio - Unbeatable 45 (BL1850) and 55 (BL1860) minute charge time.


Makita has introduced a 6.0Ah Lithium-ion battery which will provide maximum power and extended run time for operators.  Where uninterrupted run time is critical, such as on remote construction locations or where charging capacity is distant and would mean valuable time lost away from the operating point, extended run time is all important. The Makita 6.0Ah 18V Li-ion battery provides 66% more run time than that of the 3.0Ah battery whilst maintaining the same size and weight so maintaining the excellent balance and comfort of a Makita tool in use.

The introduction of a 6.0Ah battery option will suit those operators who regularly undertake high-load operations or are frequently working on large sites far distant from a charging point. The greater capacity within the 6.0Ah battery protects against over-heating and high discharge during heavy demand operations, thus extending the working life of the battery.  The need to carry additional batteries, or be able to recharge batteries regularly, can be avoided by choosing the 6.0Ah battery option.

Recharge time for the new 6.0Ah battery is just 55 minutes when using a Makita DC18RC fast charger. This compares with 22 minutes for the popular 3.0Ah 18V Makita Li-ion battery or 45 minutes for the 5.0Ah Li-ion battery.

This 6.0Ah battery is compatible with all Makita 18V Li-ion tools that have a star symbol on the connector plate, or a yellow connector plate with a star on, or have a yellow connector plate only.


BL1830 3.0Ah battery compatible with ALL 18V Li-Ion tools. BL1860 6.0Ah and BL1850 5.0Ah batteries are compatible with 18V Li-Ion tools as per the below table:


- DC18RC has a cooling fan and Active 3 Controls. This means that during the loading of the charging voltage, charging current, and temperature is held in the holes. The cooling system blows cool air into the battery. As a result, high temperatures occur in the battery, so that the battery life is extended, and the charging process is accelerated.

- Batteries and Chargers Sold Separately.

DC18RC Charging times
18V Li-Ion 6.0Ah: 55 min / 5.0Ah: 45 min
18V Li-Ion 3.0Ah: 22 min / 1.5Ah: 15 min
DC18SE Automotive Charger
18V Li-Ion 6.0Ah: 130 min / 5.0Ah: 110 min
18V Li-Ion 3.0Ah: 60 min / 1.5Ah - 1.5Ah: 30 min


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