Diamond Tools

Makita Diamond Tools

SG1251J Double Blade Wall Chaser 125mm

Clean, compact and comfortable. Super Joint System. 1,400W.

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4107R Concrete Cutter Wet Cutting 180mm

Quick and clean cutting. 1,400W.

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4157KB Concrete Cutter Dry Cutting 180mm

Large transparent dust collection container efficiently captures waste for a cleaner work environment. 1,400W.

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4114S Angle Power Cutter 355mm

High torque delivered at low motor speed of 3,500r/min. Super Joint System. 2,400W.

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EK8100WS Petrol Power Cutter 405mm

Powerful and lightweight power cutter in this class. 81cc.

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PC5001C Concrete Planer 125mm

Most suitable for planing concrete. 1,400W.

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8406 Diamond Core Hammer Drill 13mm

Fast drilling into ferro concrete or brick. 850W.

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**Tools are not supplied with drill bits, discs, etc, unless otherwise stated. The above tools shown are suitable for industrial applications unless otherwise stated. Models shown are a representation only and not to scale.**

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