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Parts Breakdown

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Ni-Cd 4.8V - 6723DW

Ni-Cd 12V-14.4V - ML120; ML122; ML140; ML142; 8281DWALE; 8281DWPETC

Ni-Cd 18V - ML180; 8444DWAE

Li-Ion 10.8V - DC10WA; CC300DW; HP330DWE; MR051

Li-Ion 18V - DC18RC; DC18SE; BGA452ZK; DGA454ZK; BPB180ZK; BUC122ZK; BSS610ZK; DHS680ZK; DCS551Z; BUB182Z; DPJ180ZJ; BVC350Z; BCL180Z; DCO180Z; DCG180ZK; BDA350ZK; DHP453ZK; BHP453RHEX; BHP456ZK; BHP454ZK; DHP459Z; DHP482ZJ; DHP458ZK; DHP481ZK; BJV180ZK; DJV182ZK; BJR181ZK; BTD146Z; DTD129ZK; BTP140Z; DTD152Z; BTW251ZK; DTW281ZK; BTW450ZK;DTW1001ZJ; BKP180Z; DTM50Z; BHR202ZK; BFS450ZK; BFR550Z; DJN161Z; DST221Z; DPT351Z; BML184; BML185; BML186; BML802; BMR100; BMR102; DML801

Li-Ion 36V - DC36RA; BML360; BUB360Z; BHR262RDE

Li-Ion 36V (18V + 18V) -DHR263ZK; DHS710ZK; DUC302Z; DUB362Z


Grinding / SANDING

Angle Grinders - 9554HN; GA4530; GA4534; 9557HN; 9564H; GA4540; 9558HP; GA5010; 9565H; 9565CV; GA5040; GA5040C; GA7020; GA7010C; GA9010C; GA9050; GA9020; GA9020K; GA9040SK01

Belt Sanders - 9032; 9031; 9401; 9403

Bench Grinders - GB602; GB801

Die Grinders - GD0603; GD0600; GD0800C; GD0810C GD0801C; GD0811C

Multi Tools - TM3000CX2

Orbital Sanders - BO3710; BO4555; BO4900; 9046; BO5031; BO5041; BO6030; BO6040

Sander / Polishers - 9218PBL; 9227CB; 9237CB



Band Saws - LB1200F

Circular Saws - 5704RK; HS7601; N5900B; 5903RK; 5143R; SP6000K; 4131;

Cut-Off Saws - 2414EN; LC1230

Compound Mitre Saws - LS1040; LS0815FL; LS1018L; LS1216L

Diamond Saws - SG1250; SG1251J;4107R; 4157KB; 4114S

Flip Over Saws - LF1000

Jig Saws / Recipro Saws - 4329K; JV0600K; 4350FCT; 4351FCT; JR3070CT

Plunge Cut Circular Saws - SP6000K;

Table Saws - MLT100;



Biscuit Joiners - PJ7000

Planers - KP0800K; KP0810K; 1100

Routers - RP0900; RP1800X; RP2301FCX

Thicknessers - 2012NB

Trimmers - RT0700C


drilling / fastening

Impact Wrenches - TW0200; TW0350; 6906; TW1000

Rotary Drills - 6501; 6411; DA3010F; 6408; DP2010; DA4031

Screwdrivers - 6807; FS2300; FS2500; FS4300; FS6300; FS2700


impact drilling

Impact Drilling - HP1230; HP1630; HP1640; HP2050; HP2051; HP2010N; HP2020; HP2070



Demoliton Hammers - HM0870C; HM1203C; HM1307C

Diamond Core Drills- 8406; DBM131; DBM230

Electric Breakers - HM1801; HM1810; HM1802; HM1812

Rotary Hammers - HR2230; HR2300; HR2460; HR2470; HR2475; HR2600; HR2610; HR2630; HR2631F;HR2810; HR3200C; HR4002; HR4003C; HR4013C; HR5211C; HR5212C



Diamond Tools - SG1250; SG1251J;4107R; 4157KB; 4114S; 8406; DBM131; DBM230; PC5001C


Cutting metals

Nibblers and Shears - JN1601; JN3200; JS1600; JS1601; JS3200; JN3201J; JS1602; JS3201J


outdoor power equipment

OPE - EA3502S; EA4301F; UC4020A; UC4041A; UC4030A; HW102; RBC2110; RBC420; RBC411; UM4030; UH6570; DPC7331



Pneumatic - AF505; AF600


dust extraction / other

Blowers - UB1100; UB1101

Heat Gun- HG551VK

Vacuum Cleaners - M440; VC2512L; VC3011L


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