Super Joint System.

Super Joint System

SJS prevents wheel damage resulting from wheel lock-up

SJS is a massive advance in power, safety and durability.
The design gives maximum transfer of power and torque, while minimising the wear and tear that happens with older technology. It’s only inside Makita high powered angle grinders.

The one major benefit of the Super Joint System is the longevity it affords your equipment. By removing the strain that can be put on a motor at times, by disengaging it's unlikely for any parts to grind or overload and so prevent any needed repairs or even replacements.

With the rotation of the armature the coil spring is extended, its tightening force increases the grasp of the coil on the armature spindle and shaft. At this point the gear and spindle start to rotate simultaneously.


Against the shock of accidental spindle lock or overload, which surpasses the limited torque designed for the tool, the coil spring will override the armature shaft preventing damage to the armature and internal components.



The Super Joint System (SJS) delivers the optimum power and torque to the grinder disc, so you get top performance.

SJS means greater durability. The way SJS engages means the motor and gears are protected from shock at start-up or if the grinder grabs.

The SJS drive system is based on a coil spring which engages more gradually at start-up - and instantly disengages if the grinder grabs.

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